Fit Bike Co.

It’s no secret that Fitbikeco., and the standards we’ve set for designing and manufacturing complete bikes since 2005, have heavily influenced the entire BMX industry. We’re proud to be the brand creating high-quality bikes other companies aim to emulate each year, because, in the end, BMX wins – the bikes are just better. As for what influences us? Leading the pack, keeping things fresh and most importantly, having fun on two wheels. This year we let inspiration pull us in lots of different directions and decided to let the ideas we explored dictate where we went next. From epic locations like the NYC skyline, the streets of Tokyo and an Australian trail mecca, to an 80’s movie binge (think Tron, RoboCop and Mad Max), all wrapped up with a healthy dose of radical, wheeled inspiration, we traveled to all corners of the globe and our imaginations to bring you our 2019 line.

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